The next Healing the Divide is on Nov 1

Many of us have been working on the election in one way or another — letters, postcards, phone-banks, trying to convince our families, etc., etc., etc.  Soon, Election Day will come and go.  Yet the election may not be over then, or even soon afterward.  We may find ourselves feeling the need to continue our efforts because the crisis continues.  We may want to focus on healing the partisan divide, or preventing violence, or protesting wrongs, or strategizing to implement changes, or we may have other ideas.In this session of Healing the Divide we’ll review several proposals for actions to take after Election Day, plus share ideas of our own. We’ll also discuss what actions we want to take ourselves.

Zoom information will be provided on  If you are not a member of that email list, you can request to join by sending a message

Healing the Divide is a UUCPA group that formed after the 2016 election to ask: 1) what do we not understand about others with more conservative viewpoints, and 2) what can we learn that will help us communicate even across wide differences in belief.

Questions?  Please contact Susan Owicki at

Hope to see you there!