Tomorrow is the day!

Dear UUCPA folks, It’s the day we’ve been waiting for: two in-person services, right in the spaces we know and love. I’m going to make this a list because I don’t want you to miss a thing.

1. To attend online at 11 a.m., just do as we have been doing and go to our Zoom space or Facebook Live. The service will be there as always, with exciting changes: Veronika live on the piano, views of the folks gathered in the Main Hall . . . 

2. To attend in person at 9:30, leave your car or bike in the parking lot 🙂 and come around to the front of the Main Hall, the double front doors that face Charleston Road. We’ll be there with the blue Welcome Table and flowers. You can’t miss it! After giving your name and contact information there (we’re still helping county public health by enabling contact tracing), take a seat on the patio.

Campus map

3. To attend in person at 11, do the same: come around to the front of the Main Hall, either via the driveway-side sidewalk or via the patio side. If you want to sit outside, leave your name and contact information and take a seat on the patio. If you want to sit inside, show your proof of up-to-date vaccination (unless you have already sent it in, in which case you’ll be on the rapid-entry list) and come on in!

4. Hymnals will be available indoors and out.

Coming of Age service, 2018 (faces blurred to protect privacy)

5. Please keep masks on on campus for now. We are being extra-cautious so as to be safe for young children and singing. It is fine to lift your mask to sip a drink, or take it off to speak at the mic–then put it back on.

5. Please, caregivers and staff only in the children’s areas. Folks have been great about observing these necessary boundaries–thank you.

6. If you haven’t been to an in-person service yet, make sure to introduce yourself to John Wright, our Membership & Engagement Coordinator, when you come to the welcome table. He has gotten to know a lot of faces, and looks forward to seeing yours.

7. Everyone will have their own comfort level about hugs, shaking hands, etc. This is an excellent opportunity to practice consent. A simple “Handshake? Yes or no?” lets everyone say what is safe for them and their loved ones.

8. Coffee hour after 11 will give everyone the chance to connect: those on campus with those online. Do bring your own coffee, however; we won’t be serving any just yet. (Again, this is out of consideration to children and those keeping them safe. Where there is coffee, there is hot chocolate, and kids gathered around to serve themselves some–and our kids are still not eating or drinking at UUCPA.)

9. Any questions? Send me an e-mail or text me at my number ending in -6139.

10. Rejoice! We are here, together!

Love and blessings,