“Treasure” Or A Great Bargain.

The highly anticipated return of the yard sale brought in $3,207.75 and $694.00 for the book sale.

None of this would have been possible without the many generous people who donated items to sell, and to those who generously do- nated their time to help unpack, organize and price the items, help with customer service on both sale days, and then packing up and removing all items that didn’t sell.

Thank you to everyone who helped in making the yard/book sale a great success!

  • Audrey Erbes
  • Barbara Symons
  • Bette Seabury
  • Beth Sherman
  • Bill Hilton
  • Chris Jacobi
  • Debra Heinz
  • Diane (from the neighborhood)
  • Dick Duda
  • Donna and Larry Aronson
  • Dora and Erin Fishman
  • Edie Keating
  • Elizabeth Holm
  • Gina Uganda
  • Hannah Slocum
  • Jim Basiji

  • Joe Bailey
  • Joan Gielow
  • John Kostka
  • Florence Haas
  • Fran Perry
  • Lorraine Kostka and Emma and Sarah
  • Mike McLaughlin
  • Maribea Berry
  • Maya Popvich
  • Nancy Neff
  • Robert Neff
  • Sally Ahnger
  • Susan Owicki

—Jeff Cashdollar and Marilyn Stoddard