Undie Sundays – Donations requested through Dec 8

Every year UUCPA collects NEW underwear, socks, gloves, and such for the Opportunity Center’s Holiday Shoppe.  Even in the middle of a pandemic, there are still people without stable housing and they still need underwear, among other things.  This year Undie Sunday will run from Nov 24 to Dec 8.

Undie Sunday Lockdown Style (Updated December 6)

With the surge in the virus and the new lockdown orders, it’s best to stick with the Undie Sunday contributions that can be made online or via postal mail.  If you have already purchased items to donate, you can drop them off on Sally’s porch or at the church on weeknights when no one is there. Otherwise, please choose one of the online options. Thank you!

How does Undie Sunday work Covid style?  The Action Council is providing lots of options!

Physical items (Underwear, socks, wool hats, mittens, scarves, heavy hoodies, warm coats, backpacks, umbrellas, rain ponchos, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and blankets. Items should be NEW.):

  • You can drop items off in the barrel outside the church office (Not on Sundays, but any other day is ok)
  • You can drop items off on Sally’s front porch in Mountain View (scroll to the end for address info)
  • You can order items online and have them delivered to Sally’s address* (NOT to the church)

Physical Gift cards for Target, CVS, or Safeway of $10 or $20 value:

  • You can put them in an envelope and deposit through the mail slot in the church library door (Not on Sundays, but any other day is ok)
  • You can postal mail them to the church.

Donations of money to be used to purchase items or gift cards:

  • You can mail a check payable to UUCPA with “Undie Sunday” in the memo line to the church
  • You can put a check or cash in an envelope and deposit it through the mail slot in the church library door (Not on Sundays, but any other day is ok)
  • You can make an online donation here:

The church address is 505 E Charleston Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94306.

Sally’s address is in the online and printed church directories, or you could email Sally at sallyahnger@uucpa.org or call the office and ask for the address.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sally at sallyahnger@uucpa.org.

Thanks in advance for your contributions,The Action Council (Kristi Iverson, Sally Ahnger, Karen Skold, Jess Martin, Jane Glauz, Tina Kochel, Edie Keating)

* If you order online and include a gift note with your name on it, Sally will let you know that it has arrived.