Unprecedented Winning Streak

It was never a slam dunk, but California Clean Money Campaign batted 1000 this year!

A recap:

Open-Source Paper-Ballot Voting Funding: We didn’t get state funding this year, but did get San Francisco funding to get it started. [A single! Stay tuned.]

SB 651, Petition DISCLOSE Act: Agreement in writing from labor on exact language they’ll be okay with, to be introduced first thing next session. [Rain delay, but we got a triple and are in great position to quickly score!]

AB 84, the political party caucus committee bill we opposed: Coalition stopped it with bipartisan support. [A close call.]

AB 2188, Social Media DISCLOSE Act: Signed into law after strongest bipartisan votes ever for one of our bills. [Knocked it out of the park!]

AB 2155, Clean Up Bill for AB 249: Ditto [though this one was pretty much a slam dunk].

AB 2125, Risk-Limiting Post Election Audit bill: Signed. Successful short term intervention to turn it from being potentially disastrous for confidence in vote counts into a good pilot project. [A save!]

AB 2707, Secretary of State Elected Official-Lookup Website:

Signed. Not a top priority, but important and we weighed in with the SOS when our advisor said it needed help and we had the capacity. [You’ve got to be willing to go the extra mile!]

SB 822, Net Neutrality restored for California: Signed. Not CCMC’s bill per se, but an absolutely crucial nation-leading bill and there’s a very good chance it wouldn’t have passed without our grassroots/ online oomph. [Clinched it in a real team effort!]

It was down to the wire when Governor Brown signed SB 822 on September 30. Within an hour Mr. Sessions counterpunched with a lawsuit claiming that the FCC has sole authority to create rules for broadband internet providers. Please contact Governor Brown to say we’re in his corner and need California to fight this one for all it’s worth.

Trent Lange, President of CCMC, expresses profound gratitude for the support of UUCPA . Thank you all for promoting UU’s fifth principle, “…the use of the democratic process…in society at large.”

—Nancy Neff

P.S.: Take a look at this site to sign up to volunteer or find other ways to get involved: www.YesFairElections.org.