Upcoming live book talk: The AOC Generation by David Freelander – Sept 15 @ 7pm

A Live Book Talk: The AOC Generation: How Millennials Are Seizing Power and Rewriting the Rules of American Politics, by David Freedlander

Featuring David Freedlander, Wednesday September 15, from 7 to 8:00 pm on Zoom

The AOC Generation explores the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who emerged from absolute obscurity one night in June 2018 to become one of the most significant political voices of our time. Freedlander traces her story from her origins in the Bronx and Westchester County through her college and young adult years, culminating in her successful Congressional campaign.  His firsthand accounts detail the campaign’s final days, which he spent beside her as she fought for every last vote. 

Freedlander highlights how AOC’s ample political talents and ability to command media and public attention led to a newfound political awakening of millennial activists. The AOC Generation examines the resurgent young left and documents how and why they got active and energized in political organizing, as well as the success and limitations of their approaches. Through their stories, it tells the history and the future of a generation.

David Freedlander is a contributor to New York Magazine and Politico Magazine and has written about politics and culture in and outside of New York City for a number of publications including Vanity Fair, Slate, The Daily Beast, and Air Mail among others. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, he lives in the heart of AOC Country in Jackson Heights, Queens, with his wife and daughters.

The book will be available for purchase from the UUCPA bookstore after the talk.

Zoom information will be sent to the email lists Announce@uucpa.org and CREparents@uucpa.org a day or two before the talk.