UU Workshop: Mourning the Change in Climate and the State of the World?

UUCPA received this announcement from a neighboring church. We are not affiliated with this event, but we wanted to pass it along to anyone who might be interested.

UUCB (Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley) and USSB (Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara) in conjunction with the Good Grief Network are offering a unique zoom workshop series of drop-in sessions providing social and emotional support to UU church members and friends who feel overwhelmed about the state of the world and who are looking for a way forward.

Drop-in groups starting in April.

Ten weeks. Ten Drop-in sessions, on Zoom.

The Program helps us work through the sense of despair and isolation that is a normal response to the existential threat of climate change and other emerging human disasters. The program builds personal resilience and empowerment as it strengthens community ties. Using group sharing, literature study, journaling, and embodiment exercises, we create a brave grounded space where we can collectively work though our heavy feelings. From this space we can envision new ways forward, access our unique personal gifts, and reorient our lives toward action – at a time when action is essential. 

This program is provided through a generous grant from the Prairie Vista UUA fellowship in western Nebraska.

Find out more and register here: www.goodgriefnetwork.org/uu 

Elaine Miller elau.usher@gmail.com