UUCPA Annual Meeting 2018

On April 29, the UUCPA Annual Meeting of the Congregation was held. During this meeting, the following people were elected to their respective positions:

Board of Trustees:

  • Joe Bailey, 2-year term
  • Jim Basiji, 3-year term
  • Jeb Eddy, 3-year term
  • Mark Erickson, 3-year term
  • John Kostka, 1-year term

Nominating Committee:

  • Geoff Ivison, 2-year term

Delegates to UUA General Assembly:

  • Marilyn Austin
  • Bill Hilton

The congregation also approved the Operating and Capital budgets for the FY18-19 fiscal year. The Operating budget is balanced. It includes a cost-of-living increase for all employees and 100% of our fair share contributions to organizations such as the UUA.

Other business conducted at the meeting included:

  • Recognition of Canvass workers
  • Approval of FY18-19 Justice Partners
  • Changes to UUCPA By-Laws to allow the Board of Trustees to appoint PCD delegates presented by the Nominating Committee
  • Re-approval of the UUCPA banner usage and UUCPA public endorsement resolutions from 2017, with two changes:
    • Congregational notification and comment period for both is now four days prior to any action being taken, or the banner being used, and
    • These two resolutions will remain in effect until the congregation decides to rescind them

There was also an update regarding the discussions about changing the name of our organization from “Church” to something else. A vote was not taken on this topic during the Annual Meeting. It will be addressed in a separate special congregational meeting later this year. Stay tuned for details.

FY18-19 Board of Trustees Officers and Portfolios

All Board of Trustees Officers have been elected and all Portfolio Owners assigned. Below is the list for your reference. Note that this list is also included at the end of each issue of the Bulletin and is posted on the UUCPA website.

FY18–19 Board and Portfolios Robert Byrom, Co-President

  • Sally Ahnger, Co-President, Staff Relations
  • Rafael Gomez, VP Finance
  • David Chen, VP Facilities
  • Kristi Iverson, Secretary, Social Justice
  • Jeb Eddy, Newcomers
  • Mark Erickson, Denominational Concerns
  • Geetha Rao, Policies
  • John Kostka, CYRE
  • Audrey Erbes, Communications
  • Jim Basiji, Membership
  • Joe Bailey, Small Groups
  • Lorraine Kostka, ARE

Ex-officio Members:

  • Kay Brown, Treasurer
  • Barbara Smith-Thomas, Assistant Treasurer
  • Amy Morgenstern, Minister
  • Dan Harper, Minister of Religious Education