UUCPA Co-Sponsors Unity Vigil

On June 10, 2017, UUCPA was listed among over 130 churches and organizations which co-sponsored the Unity Vigil in Santa Clara in response to the ACT anti-Sharia, anti-Muslim rally nearby. Unity Vigil attendance was estimated at around 1,000 people, among whom were about a dozen representatives from UUCPA. There was much support from people driving by this peaceful vigil. We were able to represent UUCPA as a co-sponsor of this event thanks to the resolution passed at this year’s annual meeting that allows us to co-sponsor such events with approval from both the Action Council and the Board, and advance notification to the congregation.

If you did not receive the advance notification of this request for co-sponsorship, please be sure you are subscribed to the Announce email list so that you will receive future notifications. The text of the two resolutions passed at the Annual Meeting will be posted on the Action Council page at the UUCPA website in the near future.