UUCPA CYRE videos available on YouTube

In case you and your family have Zoom overload, UUCPA has set up a Youtube channel with kid-friendly videos you can watch. The goal of these videos is that older kids can watch them and enjoy them with minimal parent participation.

Right now, you’ll find videos off Dan’s sister Abby, a UU and children’s librarian, reading aloud Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (which for UUs is something of a sacred text) and Rev. Amy and Dan’s video story titled: “Back in Time to the Year 29” from the April 5, 2020 service.

In the near future, there will be videos with: Amy reading aloud from a book of myths, Dan reading aloud from a book of Buddhist Jataka tales. We’re also planning a series of short videos with things kids can do, or things kids can make using just a piece of paper, pencil or markers, and scissors — again, things kids can do with minimal parent participation.

Here’s the link to that Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/danrharper