UUCPA Directory Makeover

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the printed church directory because we’ve been working on a major update. Here’s an overview of what’s changed:

  1. A new Table of Contents makes it easier to find information like the First Name Index (there is one!) and Key UUCPA Contacts.
  2. The Family Directory, listing individuals and households, has moved to the front where you belong!
  3. Forty new photos have been added!
  4. All church and community information has been updated.
  5. The Committees section now contains only committees!
  6. A short entry in the front tells how to update your information.

Pick up the new UUCPA Directory, free, in the church office and check out the changes.

Does your listing need an update? If you already have a login to Realm, our online community database, just log in at https://www.onrealm.org/uucpa and update your profile. If you don’t yet have a Realm login, need help resetting your password, or prefer to have the office staff update it for you, email directory@uucpa.org or call the UUCPA office at (650) 494-0541.

Is your listing missing a photo? Stop by the Welcome Table any Sunday and we’ll be happy to take one for you.

Do you have feedback on the new format? Please email it to directory@uucpa.org or call the UUCPA office at (650) 494-0541.

Special thanks to Maricia Scott and Bob Ohlman for their help!