UUCPA now has two all-gender family restrooms!

UUCPA now has two all-gender family restrooms on campus, thanks to an unexpected opportunity arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. These updated facilities will better welcome and serve congregants of all genders (including non-binary, gender-fluid, and agender UUs) and anyone who might need the help of a partner or caregiver (of any gender) when using the restroom.

For several years, UUCPA has discussed converting the two breezeway restrooms near the church office, which had long been single-gender restrooms, into all-gender restrooms. With the support of the Board of Trustees, initial planning began in late 2019 as part of UUCPA’s Welcoming Congregation program renewal. But soon the COVID-19 pandemic began, forcing the congregation to shelter at home and stay away from campus.
Then, an opportunity: the Ellen Thacher Children’s Center, which rents space for its preschool programs on the UUCPA campus, needed another restroom during the month of September due to us hosting Hotel de Zink, which was located in the Main Hall. 

To meet this urgent need, Rev. Dan Harper oversaw the transformation of the two breezeway restrooms into all-gender restrooms, including deadbolt locks for privacy and new Title 24-compliant signs. (Dan installed the locks himself, thanks to his former life as a carpenter!) As before, both restrooms feature diaper-changing tables.

Now, a single occupant of any gender can use the restroom privately, and anyone who needs assistance, whether child or adult, can use the restroom with the help of a caregiver, regardless of gender.