UUCPA Pledge drive – calling for pledges

So far our returning pledgers have collectively increased their pledge amounts by more than 5%. (That’s great!) However, pledges have been coming in at a lower rate than in recent years. Please submit your pledge as soon as possible so that the finance committee can plan accordingly when forming the budget which is due to the board by March 25.

There are significant uncertainties in UUCPA’s income in this second COVID year, and it’s going to be difficult for the Finance Committee to estimate the final pledge total when they submit the budget to the Board on March 25.    

Please make their job easier by submitting your pledge as soon as you can, so we’ll be as close to the final pledge total as possible when they have to submit the budget.

You can return your pledge card or just send an email to pledge@uucpa.org.  

Thanks for your support of all the good things that UUCPA does.

Jack Owicki for the Stewardship Committee

For more information, go to www.uucpa.org/pledge