UUCPA Supporting Social & Environmental Action

Your Green Sanctuary Committee is very pleased to announce that UUCPA is endorsing the upcoming “March for Fossil Fuel Freedom” to take place on March 16-18, 2019!

 See details at www.oilywells.com.

This endorsement represents our Church’s commitment to Climate Change mitigation — a major, if not top priority as a moral imperative affecting all life on this Earth.  The March is a step up in activism, necessary to match the time urgency that Climate disruption is laying before us.  Highlighting the banking industry and it’s culpability through the funding of Fossil Fuel related projects is the focus of this specific Event.  Our Church will continue supporting future activism of this type – please consider learning more, and getting involved!

There are several Green Sanctuary folks participating in the march, just at different levels/times (not in one group) and our church Green Sanctuary group is helping with the planning & publicity of this event.  Jeralyn Moran is helping with safety along the route, Bill Hilton is attending the Rally at the culmination of the March in SF.

We need as many participants as possible, at any level: marching for a few hours, donating to help with expenses/sponsoring a marcher, attending the rally on Mon. 3/18, and more!  Visit the website to sign up: www.oilywells.com.