UUCPA– UU The Vote From Home!

Our UU the Vote gatherings at UUCPA are on hold for now, but we can easily ensure our UU values play an important role remotely via our effective partner organizations.

Thanks for all you’ve done already, and here are some ways to continue from home!

Vote Forward

We’re preparing two million letters to send to key states in mid-October to get infrequent voters from under-represented demographic groups to the polls in November. We need all the help we can get!

If you are well and willing, it’s easy and gratifying to write Vote Forward at home. Why not do 20 or more a week? There are up to 12 crucial states on Vote Forward, so you’re welcome to write to the state that resonates with you! Remember, most of the letters are GOTV letters to be written now, but then sent in October.

We strongly encourage you to try printing letters at home:

If you have questions or cannot print at home, contact Anne Frahn for guidance (annefrahn@uucpa.org).

Reclaim Our Vote (ROV )

We’re continuing to write postcards and make phone calls to voters of color — alerting those who have been purged from the voter rolls and helping them (re)register and vote.

Here are some choices for participating with ROV from home:

  • Phone banking: Contact Elsa (elsaschafer@uucpa.org) for easy instructions;
  • Writing postcards: order full packets of materials from Elsa ($4 for 10 postcards) or receive names/addresses and script by e-mail free, using your own stamps and postcards (available at post offices) Packets include postcards, voter list, stamps, labels for Election Registrar, contact information, and script.

Potential in-person events on the web page, all pending knowing when we are able to begin meeting in person again, given the COVID-19 situation. Please check this webpage for updated information as it becomes available. Once we are able to hold in-person events again, more detailed information on each event will be provided prior to each event.