UUCPA Workday Today @ 9 am

Many hands make light work.  Please join the B&G crew and other volunteers for the February workday on Saturday, February 6 from 9 to noon at UUCPA. It would be terrific to have a few people to help with the Oleander  – Bring your own gloves and pruners if you have them.  There is still more. Other tasks include:

  • Front Garden:  Pick up redwood branches and clean up leaves.
  • Label the breaker panel.
  • Track down switch (and timer?) for last parking lot light.  Add to user manual
  • Remove dirt next to wood around the base of the McFadden Patio building?
  • Emergency Water Draining?  If organized?
  • Sweep parking lot
  • Pick up the eucalyptus branch at the rear of the church.
  • Replace 3 sprinkler heads in the grassy area outside the minister’s offices.
  • Check the tree stump near the bike rack to see how we want to handle it.
  • Evaluate the possible need to replace the roof on the covered walkway.
  • Evaluate whether we should repaint the north side of the buildings.
  • Main Hall Furnace Doors:  New, longer hinge screws, adjust latch position (top of left door.)
  • FENCING – Install and investigate temporary fencing on campus.
  • Main Hall Vents under piano.  Investigate heat vent that is under the piano in the main hall.  Close it, or attach something to keep it closed.   Robert bringing coroplastic and zip ties.

I hear no volunteers to lead for water draining, so will probably not do that.

— Robert Neff