#UUtheVote Launched!

On January 12, 19 people from UUCPA attended the #UUtheVote Launch call led by the UUA.  The hour-long call included messages from the UUA leaders of this effort, information on resources available to help congregations become engaged, and experiences from several UU congregations who are already active in helping to promote electoral justice.  Among the resources being provided by the UUA are the following:

  • An extensive guide for congregational teams, including ways to become involved, suggested partner organizations, tools and resources
  • A Facebook Community of Practice group
  • Slack Community of Practice group
  • Weekly phone “office hours” with UUA leaders
  • Connections to state action networks (ours is the UU Justice Ministry of California)
  • And much more!

The UUA will also be hosting another web session on February 6 regarding how to be “prophetic, not partisan” – how to do this work in a way that does not violate IRS rules for non-profit organizations.  Rest assured that all actions we engage in as a congregation will follow this guidance as we work for electoral justice for all.

As you know, UUCPA hosted several electoral justice events in January, sponsored by the Action Council, and more will be coming.  Watch the UUtheVote at UUCPA page of our website for information.  You can find this page by clicking on the UUtheVote banner on our UUCPA homepage, or by going directly to:  https://www.uucpa.org/justice/service-projects/uuthevote/.

Following the launch event, a new UUCPA email group was created:  FairElections@uucpa.org.

To join this group, please email Kristi Iverson at KristiIverson@uucpa.org.

Please note that Reverend Morgenstern and the UUCPA Board of Trustees have formally endorsed this campaign.  If you have any questions or concerns about our efforts, please email ActionCouncil@uucpa.org or Boardxo@uucpa.org.