Video live streaming of UUCPA services – volunteers needed!

As you know, we’ve moved to video live streaming of church services. Will you join us in bringing our services to life at such a dark time? Each job for each service is listed below i.e. you would do that particular job for that service. They’re listed in rough order of need. If you have the skills listed below, we’ll train you, and you’ll get to work with a great group of people including Dan and Amy. If you can help, please email Dan and please let him know which job/s you can do,

  1. Are you super comfortable video-recording? Then we need you to:
    • Video-record what’s happening in the main hall – Main Hall videographer
  2. Are you super comfortable with online meetings and/or video production, can think on your feet, and can be very flexible (Question: you used flexible, but would proactive be a more apt adjective?) when something goes wrong (which inevitably happens)? Then we need you to:
    • Switch back and forth between speakers/musicians, mute and unmute and spotlight video (should feel familiar to anyone who has done live video production) —  video production staff
  3. Do you type fast, can think on your feet, and have excellent people skills? Then we need you to:
    • Manage the participant list, mute people when they unmute themselves, monitor for possible trolls, watch the chat for joys & sorrows, paste hymn lyrics in the chat, etc. — audience engagement staff
  4. Are you very reliable (because the most important important thing is to get the meeting started on time) and very comfortable using Zoom?
    • Make sure the Zoom preferences are set correctly well in advance, start the meeting half an hour early, make video production people and speakers and musicians co-hosts, and take care of the audio recording — meeting host.
  5. Do you have excellent people skills, patience, are willing to wait by the phone during the service in case someone calls, already know the basics of Zoom and can teach someone else via phone? Right now our existing church attendees seem to have learned Zoom, but we may get new folks who don’t know how to use Zoom.
    • Be on call via phone to help people who need help with Zoom — Zoom help desk staff.
  6. Are you very comfortable with video production? Currently, we have this covered, but if you have this skill set, we could still use you.
    • Monitoring the feed for quality control issues, e.g., audio and video quality, and then after the services reporting on problems and troubleshooting —  quality control staff

Again If you can help, please email Dan and please let him know which job/s you can do. We look forward to hearing from you.