Visiting safely

Our Board of Trustees has been so responsible about the health and safety of UUCPA folks, our circles of care, and the wider community. At a time when many organizations, including religious communities, are pushing back against COVID-19 restrictions, our leaders have demonstrated our values by upholding these restrictions. These months have shown just how important it is to respect our interdependence and related to one another with equity and compassion, to cite the seventh and second of the UU Principles. And, to cite the first, everything they have done has reflected a deep commitment to the inherent worth and dignity of every person. We have made sacrifices in order to restore our wider community to health, and I’m so glad we have such principled people leading us.

Therefore, the most cautious movements towards in-person gatherings (such as those we are bidding on today in our annual Auction) have had to be approved by the Board. This week they approved guidelines for safe pastoral visits on our campus. As long as we can do so in a way that doesn’t risk your health, I am looking forward to meeting with you!

1) Meet by appointment on Wednesdays (you can arrange them using this link)

2) Visits include one to two people who are sheltering-in-place together, plus the minister

3) Visits will be outdoors

4) Maintain at least six feet between the visitor(s) and minister

5) Keep masks on at all times (for all over age 3)

6) We will not eat or drink (again, infants and toddlers may)

7) Please plan not to use the restroom if avoidable.

These guidelines are in keeping with the Santa Clara County Health Department’s, and will be reviewed if those guidelines change.

I am so glad to be able to get together with you if an in-person visit would be helpful. And, as always, if meeting via phone or Zoom is better, we can do that too, on Wednesdays or another time–use the link above to choose a date.