Water Communion is October 3

Our Water Communion, usually held in August, has been delayed just a little while so that we could gather in person–and now we can!

This is an annual ritual in which we pour waters together to symbolize the unity of life and our coming together as a community.

Please do not think your water has to have come from “someplace special.” It is special because it comes from you and from the planet. Here’s what to do:

  • Put a small amount of water (think pill bottle size) in a container that seals tight.
  • Reflect: during the service, you’ll have a chance to share a word or phrase you would like to guide you over the next year. If there are multiple members of the family, you can choose one word for all of you, or one each.

That’s it! During the ritual in this Sunday’s service, all the waters and words will be poured into the communal bowl, and you’ll see what happens next.

If you want to come to the 9:30 service, just bring your water with you. If you want to attend at 11 instead, you can drop it off at the back door to Room D anytime between 9:00 am Wednesday and 9:00 am Sunday. Attach a label with your name (s) and word(s), please. And:

  • If you can’t bring water, please send your names and words to me at parishmin@uucpa.org by the end of the day Friday. (I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to include them if it arrives after I write the service . . . ) We’ll share your words as well, as we pour in a little bit of sweet Hetch Hetchy water from right here at UUCPA.