Weaving the Web

For the past several years, I’ve had a three-part practice each Lent: give to a charitable or social-change organization, give something up, and add something creative or positive. My contribution this year will go to Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism. (Later this year we’ll have a second Promise and the Practice service – our first was January 21– and we’ll give a special offering to BLUU, aiming to contribute $10 per member of UUCPA, the level that triggers the UUA’s 1:1 match.) Giving something up is something I can do on my own, though I haven’t decided what it will be yet.

With a daily practice, though, I do a lot better if I’m in a community of people who share it. And this year, I’m hoping some of you will be that community.

Before I knew Barb Greve personally, I saw the #UULent photo-a-day project he created. Each day has its word, and the practice is to take a photo that accompanies that word. The first year I saw it, I followed along in my blog. I only took about 15 of the 40+ photos, though – I tell you, I don’t do this so well on my own! Now, it’s personal, because I do know Barb and enjoy the pleasure of working with him. Wouldn’t it be fun for a bunch of us from UUCPA to join in the practice he began, take a photo a day and post them all on the UUCPA Facebook page?

So, please help me deepen my practice! If you want to be in the community of word-of-the-day Lent photographers, look up the words of the day and join me in posting on Facebook. If you’re not on Facebook – or even if you are – you can print out some of your photos and post them on a bulletin board I’ll set up at UUCPA, along with the word each one represents. We begin on Ash Wednesday, which is Valentine’s Day this year. See you in church, and see your photos starting February 14!

Blessings, Amy