Weaving the Web

It is good to be back with you! As I write this I am not yet caught up with all that has happened at UUCPA during the past six months. However, Mary is leaving me lots of information from her busy time here, and by the time you read this, I will have met with many of the folks who have been tending the congregation. I’ll be at UUCPA on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, blocking out lots of time just to meet with you and hear what has been happening in your life. I’ll have an open house on Tuesday, January 17, from 3-7 (room TBD)–drop on by. For a private conversation, as always it’s a good idea to pin down a time by scheduling with Debra in the office.
My own time since June, spent with my family in the fascinating southern Mexican city of Oaxaca, was full of learning and renewal. I’ll have my art in our lobby gallery some time this spring, space permitting, so you can see some of the themes I worked on during the time you made possible. I also wrote an essay on art as a spiritual practice that will be published in a forthcoming book from Skinner House Press, edited by Erik Wikstrom. My Spanish is much improved (though not as much as my daughter’s) and my spirit is stronger for having had so much time for reflection and creation.

We have much to do together to keep building the world we dream about and sing about. See you soon.