Weaving the Web

Remember that service from last month when Jane and I talked about giving, and money, and talking about giving and money? You might recall that we both found it a complicated business at best. And now it’s time to make sure we have our budget for the coming year, aka the Stewardship campaign, so money is definitely on the agenda.

Fortunately for me, I love asking people about what’s important to them about UUCPA and why, and hearing what they say. There are often surprises, and I always know the people better after the conversation. That’s what stewardship visits are about. No arm-twisting allowed, much less encouraged.

However, it’s not for everyone. It’s 30-60 minutes of listening to someone’s stories and trying not to talk too much (a challenge for me!). And not everyone wants a peek into the lives of people they barely know, no matter how fascinating the people are. So if you don’t like that kind of thing, don’t e-mail stewardship@uucpa.org to tell them you’d like to make a stewardship visit, much less several.

If you’re not sure, but you think it would be fun to spend an hour with Dan learning about his low-key approach to stewardship, you don’t have to be signed up for a stewardship visit to go. He’s offering two: this Wednesday, January 19, 8-9 pm, and this Thursday, January 20, 7-8 pm.

And if you’d like a visit from me in particular, or there’s someone else whom you’d like to tell about what matters to you at UUCPA, please make sure to drop a note to the Stewardship team and tell us that.