Weaving the Web

Last Sunday, as we lit our chalice, Jane Glauz spoke about her lifetime in our congregations. One snippet she shared was the founding of East Shore Unitarian Universalist Church in Ohio.

Synchronicity struck like the chime of a clock: later that day, I learned that East Shore had marked their 60th anniversary that same morning. Their minister, who is a friend of mine, posted a photo of the hundreds of origami butterflies they hung from their ceiling to celebrate. What a beautiful place, and what joy is blossoming where our friend Jane helped plant it in 1956!

She created something lasting, something that has shaped the lives of hundreds, thousands of people over the past sixty years, and will con- tinue to do so. As I sit with my pledge card and ponder how much I can afford, this story reminds me to dwell a while on my dreams. What do I hope will be flourishing here in Palo Alto sixty years from now? How do I hope lives will be touched by UUCPA between now and then? When my daughter returns for a visit – maybe a grandmother herself then – what do I hope she will see?

It’s solemn and exciting to know that whatever we do right now will still be felt two generations later. May it be for a blessing.

Be well, Amy