Weaving the Web: a Burst of June

Dear UUCPA folks,

June is usually a time of winding-down, when the church goes into its quieter season of summer. We’re a year-round church, no question, but in summer, a lot of activities take a month or two off, the ministers take a chunk of their study leave and vacation, attendance dips as folks are traveling if they can. For us, this summer has a sorrow as we say goodbye to our beloved Associate Minister of Religious Education, Dan Harper, after 13 years. And the season has been ushered in with sobering, saddening disasters from Buffalo to Uvalde. That is all the more reason we need the energy that we get from being together, and wow, is there a burst of energy as we move into summer.

Our incoming Assistant Minister of Religious Education, the Rev. Catherine Boyle, will be visiting on June 5. Her contract begins on August 1, but she is coming to Palo Alto to meet with Dan next week, and specifically asked if she could visit over a Sunday and come to church. So come to UUCPA on June 5 to meet Cat!

New Worship Associates are getting ready to bring their voices and visions to our services. To be one of them, please fill out this form and we’ll have a marvelous start-up on June 11.

And speaking of your voice and vision: do not miss the Campus Vision workshop on June 12! We’ll have our first Second Sunday Lunch in over two years and share all our dreams for the next 75 years with the architect who will help them come true, Karin Payson.

We’re re-constituting the Sunday Services Committee (some will remember it as the Program Committee) and tapping the creative energy of our folks to make Sundays a fountain of arts and beauty. To contribute arts and speaker ideas to Sundays, please click those links.

Even the memorial service that we’ll hold tomorrow brings joy as well as tears. We are saying goodbye to Norm Conradson. Nancy Jensen, his wife, says Norm shunned black clothes and urges us to wear plenty of color to this celebration of a happy, good, and long life.

The UUCPA calendar is full of such ways to connect heart to heart. My own heart, tired from challenge and change, is buoyed by these chances to be with you. See you soon.