Weaving the Web: Going to the source

I have been talking to advocates for housing and the homeless in preparation for the service on April 25. And in the middle of my researches comes this wonderful news: that the California legislature is considering the Ballot DISCLOSE Act, and our Action Council has taken swift action to endorse it.

My question to the housing experts has been: from all you have learned working on these issues, what would you like to see happen “upstream” from the problems you’re addressing? What would help prevent homelessness? This is a pressing question for UUCPA. We work so energetically to take care of those pushed out of housing, and we will never stop doing that. And we also want to know: how can we address this problem at its sources, so that fewer people have need of Heart and Home, Hotel de Zink, Safe Parking, the Opportunity Center, LifeMoves–those wonderful organizations with whom we have partnered?

The Ballot DISCLOSE Act impresses me as one way to go to the source. The more we know about which powerful players are pushing for which policies, the better-informed we will be about which policies will truly reduce homelessness and poverty and house all Californians. It is a crucial tool for leaders in a democracy,–that’s us–and it has been kept from our hands for many years.

On April 22, the Board will consider making a whole-congregation endorsement in accordance with our by-laws. I hope you will read up on the Act at the above link and tell the Board your thoughts in time for them to weight them before their meeting that evening.



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