Weekly UU-the-Vote Events with UUCPA

“Get-Out-the-Vote” Every Sunday: 3:30-5:00 pm (through Sept. 27th) – Prepare “Get-Out-the-Vote” letters to infrequent voters in key states with Kristi Iverson

“Reclaim Our Vote” Every Thursday: 7:30-8:30 pm (through Sept. 24th) – Write “Reclaim Our Vote” Postcards with Elsa Schafer and/or Linda Henigin

About “Get-Out-the-Vote”

  • You’re not “writing” an entire letter but simply completing one sentence about the importance of voting on a pre-printed letter…then completing the to/from and the envelope. We’re preparing them now, and mailing them in mid-October. See more details here.
  • You may print letters from votefwd.org or contact Anne Frahn (annefrahn@uucpa.org) to pick up or get letters delivered.
  • Contact KristiIverson@uucpa.org for the weekly zoom link for this virtual letter party

About “Reclaim Our Vote” Postcard Writing

  • We’re sending postcards to voters of color in key states, alerting those who have been purged from the voter rolls and helping them (re)register and vote. 
  • Contact lindahenigin@uucpa.org for the weekly Zoom link for this virtual postcard party (and also if you need postcard supplies)