Welcome Back to Campus, Small Groups and Activities!

Dear UUCPA Community, 

The many small groups and activities we offer at UUCPA transform lives. When we attend groups like the Forum, Brown Bag Books, a Chalice Circle, or a Choir rehearsal, we grow, we create beloved community, and we have a lot of fun. To make safe in-person meetings possible, the Small Group Covid Compliance Task Force has developed these group requirements. We are relying on group leaders and participants to follow the requirements as a way of caring for one another and the wider community. 

We used the current Federal, State, and County regulations as our baseline, knowing that these will change in the coming weeks and months. This task force will continue to meet as long as needed, updating the requirements as conditions and regulations change. 

If you are a group leader who is ready to plan your first on-campus meeting, please start by doing the following: 

  • Read the requirements spreadsheet carefully, noting which category your group falls under. There are group definitions at the bottom of the sheet.
  • Call or email the church office to schedule an appropriate space for your meeting. Responses to space requests may take up to three business days because our staff is still working remotely. 
  • Communicate clearly and more than once to your group members what the expectations are before you meet. 
  • As much as possible, plan for a way for remote attendees to participate in your meeting. 
  • Plan for the easiest way for you to collect contact tracing information at each meeting. Choices include using a paper form in the meeting room and slipping it in the library mail slot, emailing the office the first and last names and phone numbers of all participants, taking attendance using Realm, or using this Google Form

Please reach out to any member of the Task Force if you have questions regarding the requirements, and enjoy your return to the UUCPA campus!

Members of the Small Group Covid Compliance Task Force

Geetha Rao, Board Trustee and Small Group COVID Compliance Task Force Chair

Gregg Williams, Board Trustee and Small Group Portfolio Holder

Paula Hillard, Board Trustee and Adult Religious Education Portfolio Holder

Harry Wachob, Member of the Hybrid Services Committee

Brooke Bishara, Board President, brooke_b@uucpa.org