Welcome back to the Main Hall – Dec 12 @ 9:30 am!

Dear UUCPA folks, We will be holding our first indoor, in-person Sunday service in almost two years this Sunday, December 12! What a tremendous event.

We have sidled our way towards this moment with a couple of memorials and with the outdoor 9:30 services we’ve held all fall. Previously, though, when rain fell on a Sunday morning, we canceled the in-person service. This Sunday it will almost certainly rain, and instead of canceling, we’re moving indoors. Our beautiful Main Hall awaits us.

Being indoors means we won’t have congregational singing or unison speaking. What we will have is:

  • Veronika at the Steinway
  • The beautiful music of our guest flutist, coming to us via video on the screens we installed this year in preparation for this opportunity
  • The branch ahead and the stained-glass quilt banners above
  • Each other! Smiling eyes all around us (above our masks, and at a safe distance!) in the space we know and love–

–or, for those who have begun coming to UUCPA since the pandemic began, the space that we will soon come to know and love!

More indoors services are coming soon: next week, in fact, for our No-Rehearsal Christmas Pageant. And our 11 a.m. services will continue to be livestreamed to Zoom and Facebook, every Sunday without fail.

However you attend, see you in services!