Worship Associate positions now open for 2018-19

A new process for creating the WA team

Do you love Sunday services and experience worship as an important part of your spiritual life? Do you want to work closely in a team with our ministers and musicians to plan inspiring services? Would you like to develop your skills of planning, public speaking, teamwork, or creative arts? The role of Worship Associate may be calling you.

Worship Associates are a team of 12 UUCPA members, each helping to plan and lead a service about once every three months. Many more details are in the brochure, which is also available in the church office and Main Hall lobby.

Applications (UUCPA Worship Associate Online ApplicationUUCPA Worship Associate PDF Application) are due May 15 for the church year that begins in mid-August. If you have any questions, contact Amy, parishmin@uucpa.org, 650-494-0541 x26.