Yard Sale Coming Soon — HELP!

Time to clean out your closets, garages, junk rooms, sheds, and anywhere else you stash things you don’t really want any more.  The Yard Sale could use your help!

Types of help needed:

  • Setup: Mon – Thurs from 11am-4pm
  • During the Sale: Fri – Sat 9am-1pm
  • After the Sale: Sat 1pm+
    • pack up the unsold items and put them in the Patio Room for the Salvation Army, or cart them off to another nonprofit like Goodwill

It’s actually fun to help, plus we make some money for the church, we do a good thing for the local community folks who come to shop, and we always feel good about recycling and re-using instead of pitching!

If you can help, please let Pat Thomas (pat_t@uucpa.org) or Marilyn Stoddard (marilyn_s@uucpa.org) know (or just show up — walk-ins are good too) —Thanks, Pat Thomas

Nothing scheduled at this time.