You are invited: Canvass conversations

Our stewardship campaign is underway to sustain UUCPA for the coming year. Everyone will decide for themselves what they can give; we don’t give each other sales pitches. Instead, we use this time each year to gather together and share our experiences of and hopes for our community. These conversations are one of the reasons we are on the Stewardship Committee–because it’s so rewarding to spend this time with people who share this connection: whether we have spoken together before or not, we are UUs and something important happens for us here. It’s a treat to get to know each other better.

So please be on the lookout for a call or e-mail from another UUCPAer inviting you to a canvass conversation, either one on one or in a small group on Zoom, as you prefer. If you don’t receive one of these calls and want to join a conversation, please e-mail Stewardship @ a note saying, “Canvass conversation wanted!” and we’ll connect you to one right away.

Something else to consider when you make your pledge is that your employer might match charitable contributions (for example, Google does this). If you’re not sure and you don’t know how to find out, ask us.

Thank you!

–the Stewardship Committee: Jack Owicki and David Chen (co-chairs), Kevin Crane, Beth Nord, Esa Jacobi, Lisa Helmonds, Elsa Schafer, Richard Heydt, and Amy Morgenstern