You are invited: Sacred Text 50th session, Sat 3/20 @ 4 pm

Dear UUCPA folks, about a year ago, as we were moving UUCPA activities online, the Adult Religious Education Committee asked if I would offer a new class, perhaps on Saturday afternoons. Over the previous few years, several of our folks had been creating spaces for sharing openly about our spiritual experiences, practices and longings, and my heart was with these efforts, so I suggested something that was less a class and more a shared spiritual practice: closely reading a short text together and delving into what it said to us. We called it the Sacred Text Reading Group.

Since that time, more than 40 people have participated, with a weekly attendance of 12-15. Some of our hour-long sessions have been led by other members of the group, and many readings have been suggested by group members. They have come from spiritual classics such as the Dhammapada, Bible, Conference of the Birds, Bhagavad-Gita, and Tao te Ching, and from secular sources such as Roque Dalton, Emily Dickinson, and Michel de Montaigne (the complete list is here). We have had life-changing, soul-stirring conversations, and people who had never met before have come to know and care deeply for each other.

Tomorrow, March 20, will be the 50th session, and if an hour of spiritual exploration in the company of caring people would enrich your life, please join me at 4 p.m.

All the information about logging on, and the text of our reading, is here:

Take care,