Zoom fatigue? We have you covered!

To meet the needs of kids who can’t take one more Zoom meeting, we’re sending out monthly activity packets to all kids in grades K-8. Activity packets include fun games and puzzles, and we’ll slip in some learning about what it means to be a UU.

And we’ll soon have books to give to every UUCPA child from pre-K to gr. 5. Thanks to a generous bequest from Sherwood Sullivan’s estate, we’re able to buy books for all UUCPA kids. Preschoolers will receive a picture book about mindfulness and gr. K-5 will get storybooks and comic books that will be used in the online classes.

Some books are still on order, so when they all arrive we’ll notify families who completed the registration form: https://forms.gle/1w1CA3TJ6wXBuqMv6