Zoom Tips for Sunday Services, Part 1

Zoom Camera Icon

Since Zoom online conferencing has become so important to us, this is the first in a series of Zoom tips. Send your Zoom questions for future posts to BJ at bjw@uucpa.org.

Note: Zoom will hide controls until they are needed. If you don’t see any of the controls described below, tap on the screen or move your mouse and the hidden controls will appear. 

Audio and Video Controls

Where did my microphone and video controls go?

If you are watching the service and not actively typing or moving your mouse/cursor, Zoom may make the controls disappear. You can make them reappear by moving your mouse or finger on the screen.

Why is my mic or video off?

Having most people’s microphones muted and video turned off improves broadcast quality. It helps our volunteer tech crew keep the right speaker or video on-screen and the correct audio playing. That’s why, when you join the service, the crew will turn off your audio and video until specific points in or after the service. You can help by turning these off as you join the service.

What’s taking so long?

When we turn everyone’s audio and video back on at the end of the service, it doesn’t happen instantaneously. We can turn on all microphones at once, but the video must be turned on one person at a time: First by a crew member, and then by the participant agreeing to turn their video on. Your patience is appreciated during this process!

Zoom Chat Etiquette

How we use Chat

We use the chat feature to share instructions, information, and links before and during the service. And we periodically ask the congregation to share information in the chat, such as your joys and concerns, or your name (if it’s not displayed) and the names of those joining the service with you. The names help us get an accurate attendance count, one of the important metrics we report back to UUA.

How do I turn Chat on or off?

The control for chat is near the audio and video controls. If you don’t see them, move your cursor to make the controls reappear. If you are using a mobile device, you may need to select Participants in order to see Chat.

Minimizing distractions

We try not to use chat while Amy or the Worship Associate is talking, so you can focus on the speaker. A good rule of thumb is: If you wouldn’t say it out loud during a service in the Main Hall, then it’s best to wait until the speaker has finished before posting something to the chat. Remember, too, that Amy and the Worship Associate are focused on presenting the service and not able to read or respond to most chat posts.

For more help using Zoom, see the Zoom Tips page!