Zoom Tips for Sunday Services, Part 2

Zoom Camera Icon

Since Zoom online conferencing has become so important to us, this is the second in a series of Zoom tips. Send your Zoom questions for future posts to BJ at bjw@uucpa.org.

Note: Zoom will hide controls until they are needed. If you don’t see any of the controls described below, tap on the screen or move your mouse and the hidden controls will appear. 

Display Your Name

For security reasons, we use a waiting room where service attendees wait until the crew allows each person to enter the meeting. Please help us in this process by entering your first and last name as you join the meeting. If you do not display a name you may not be allowed to enter. For Sunday services, once in the meeting you will not be able to change the displayed name, although the crew can change it for you.

Display Your Photo

If you have a Zoom account, you can set up a profile picture to be displayed when your video camera is turned off. To add or change your picture, log in to zoom.us or click the gear icon to open Settings, and then select Profile. Select the image or the word Change under it to upload your photo. Adjust the crop area as needed, and then Save. You can delete or change your picture at any time.

Mute/Unmute Audio

Your audio must be turned on for others to hear you speak. Tap or click Mute (the microphone icon) to turn your mic on or off. You can also select the ^ up arrow next to the microphone for other audio controls such as which speaker or microphone to use.

Start/Stop Video

Your video must be turned on for others to see you in the meeting. Tap or click Start or Stop Video (the camera icon next to Mute) to turn video on or off. You can also select the ^ up arrow next to the camera icon for other controls such as which camera to use.

Open the Chat Window

During Sunday services, we use Chat to share instructions, the order of service, and other information, and for the congregation to share their thoughts. Click Chat (the speech bubble icon) to open the window. If you don’t see the Chat control, select More or the three dots (). We recommend keeping Chat open so you don’t miss anything important. If you find it distracting, for example during the sermon, you can move it behind the main window until needed.

Full Screen

We use screen sharing to show videos during the service. When screen sharing begins, by default Zoom will expand to cover the full screen. This hides other windows such as the order of service and the chat window. You can turn off full screen mode when this happens by selecting View Options at the top of your screen. Then select Exit Full Screen. 
To prevent this from happening in the future, open the settings in your Zoom app by clicking on the gear. Under “Share Screen” turn off the check box for “Enter full screen automatically when a participant shares screen.”

For more help using Zoom, see the updated Zoom Tips page!