Date(s) - 06/08/2017
7:30 pm - 9:15 pm
Main Hall
Green Sanctuary

“From the Ashes,” a film directed by Michael Bonfiglio, attempts and partly succeeds in exposing many issues behind the “war on coal”.  Coal powered industry in the 19th and much of the 20th century.  It has been called a 19th century fuel by at least one major environmental organization, yet it continues to fuel much of the US electricity generation and a majority of the “things” we in the US buy from China and India.


Coal must be replaced as a fuel if the planet is to continue to be hospitable to human and much other life; yet there are many other aspects to the “war on coal”.  We invite you to come view this remarkable documentary on Thursday evening, June 8.


Where: UU Church of Palo Alto, 505 E Charleston, Palo Alto

When: 7:30 PM

Length: about 80 minutes

Time for Discussion: about 15 minutes

Refreshments: light (not a substitute for dinner)

Cost: free (donations will be cheerfully accepted)


See the trailer here and come join us for the full showing.


Green Sanctuary Committee of the UU Church

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