Participating in the first part of online worship services is an important part of religious education. It helps children understand what Unitarian Universalists do as a community. We hope families will encourage their children to participate in the first part of the online worship services, from the opening words and chalice lighting, through either the Story for All Ages video, or through “Caring and Sharing.” The first hymn is typically chosen from a pool of ten kid-friendly songs, and by the end of the year children may know some or all of these songs by heart.

During Sunday school, young people learn from friendly adults and their peers. The curriculum is described elsewhere in this brochure. If you would like to review curriculum materials ahead of time, please contact Dan Harper. And feel free to sit in on any online class that your child is in.

9:30 Sunday morning, September through April

Red group (3 and 4 year olds) — Story-based curriculum, using We Are Many, We Are One, a curriculum that introduces young children to age-appropriate diversity concepts.

Green group (grades 2-3) — The UU story book From Long Ago and Many Lands, and a Jataka tales comic book from India, introduce children to stories for various world religions and local religion

11:45 am Sunday morning, September through April

Yellow group (gr. K-1) — A story-based curriculum with Hide and Seek with God, a feminist approach to religion for primary grades, A Bucketful of Dreams, a UU story book, and The Jatakas, traditional stories from India.

Blue group (grade 4-5) — Books used include Harmony: Chinese Wisdom and Katha Sagar: Hindu Wisdom, story books published by the Unitarian Universalist Assoc., and a Jataka tales comic book from India.

For middle school (gr. 6-8), there is a choice of two different classes:

10:15 – 11:45 am Sunday morning, September through April

Ecojustice (grade 6-8) — This is a project-based program that includes projects relating to environmental justice and nature study. There is limited space in this in-person class. Please indicate your interest in this class when you register for CYRE programs.

11:45 am Sunday morning, September through April

Neighboring Religions (grades 6-8) — This middle school group visits online services of other faith communities, including other UU congregations, culturally diverse Christian communities, and non-Western religions.

Lesson-by-lesson curriculum plan

Due to the demands of creating online programs, a lesson-by-lesson curriculum plan will not be available this year.

2020 Summer Sunday school, June through mid-August

Summer Sunday school is less formal, and emphasizes having fun and building community. Each week includes stories and time to socialize, and maybe a project to try.