The Weekly Update

The Weekly Update is a digital newsletter sent weekly on Saturday mornings.

The weekly update is delivered via email. Search your email for if you aren’t sure if you are receiving it.


The Weekly Update is distributed electronically via email every Saturday morning (usually between 8 and 10 am). New members of Announce are automatically added to the Weekly Update. If you are not receiving the weekly update, please contact and request to be added or subscribe yourself via this form:

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Archived Updates

Archived versions of the Weekly Update can be found here (note that videoconference passwords are not included in the archived versions):

Note: if you don’t see a list of weekly updates above this paragraph, strict tracking prevention in your browser settings may be blocking it. Please visit the Weekly Update archive for the full list.


Submissions for The Weekly Update should be sent via email to The deadline for each (Saturday) weekly update is Friday at 5 pm.

Look at How to Make an Announcement for additional ideas and suggestions.

The Bulletin

The Bulletin was the UUCPA Newsletter through August 9, 2020. After that, we hope that you will rely on the UUCPA Weekly Update email to keep you informed. 

The most recent Bulletin can be found here. Note that The Bulletin won’t be published after August 9, 2020. Please refer to the Weekly Update.

Previous versions of the Bulletin are stored on the UUCPA Google Drive: