As part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of our church’s founding, the Campus Vision Project was created to plan and execute a renovation of the UUCPA campus to prepare it for the next 75 years.   The Campus Vision Task Force was formed, with members Sally Ahnger, Edie Keating, Bill Hilton, Jeff Cashdollar, Barbara Smith-Thomas, Thida Cornes, Drew Oman, Kevin Crane, and Maria Almli.  After an extensive search, Karin Payson architecture + design (KPa+d) was hired as the architect for the project in the spring of 2022.  

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What’s happening now?

After holding visioning workshops with the whole congregation on June 12 and with representatives of 22 committees and groups on June 25, the architect team developed a preliminary plan for what to include in the renovations.  This plan was presented to the congregation on Aug 7 and feedback on priorities was solicited.

On Aug 20, the architect team will meet with campus groups to finalize their specific needs and requests.  Based on all the information gathered at these 4 events, the architect team will develop a plan for the first phase of implementation and deliver that to the congregation at the beginning of November.  On November 20, 2022, a congregational meeting will be held to vote on whether to proceed with the project.  If we vote in favor, a capital campaign will be launched to fund the renovations.

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