We come to UUCPA to transform ourselves, each other, and the world. What I love most about this church right now is that all of you are helping me work on transforming myself.

It’s all because of the election. In recent years, I’ve pretty much avoided news, especially political news.  It’s a mental health choice.

After the election, I felt that I had to engage.  And the church is helping me in several ways.

First I have to calm down enough to think straight.  It helps to talk with people here about their own struggles – especially with the folks in the meditation group.

I need to learn a lot about how we got to where we are.  I get insight and things to read from lots of folks here.  The Forum is especially great that way.

Then there’s finding a way to act.  A month ago, Action Council sponsored meetings on “How Can UUCPA be Part of the Resistance?”  Through that I connected with one group working to reform the criminal justice system and another on Healing the Divide in our country.  The first group will be showing a great movie here soon. It’s called 13th.  Watch for it.

So thanks, everybody. For me, it’s the beginning of a journey.  I couldn’t be on it without you.


What about UUCPA is important to me?

  • Our family found UUCPA in 2005
  • And when I think about UUCPA, my thoughts are almost always through the lens of family
  • Celebrating our children’s dedications with their godparents
  • Going on a visit with the middle school neighboring faiths class of my daughter, visiting our neighboring mosque
  • Watching my highly organized wife come to terms with the chaos inherent in UUCPA
  • Watching my son in Coming of age and as a worship associate
  • Planning our contributions to the water ceremony
  • On Christmas Eve, singing hymns and lighting candles with family and close friends
    • My dad, who despite having designed churches his whole career as an architect, hasn’t gone willingly to church in decades, except he loves coming to this service

So for me, UUCPA is a place where our family connects, learns, grows, and celebrates.  That’s what UUCPA means to me.


I’d like to share with you…Why I am a member of this congregation

I originally belonged to UUCPA from 1972-1990 during which time I raised my son in the church. I returned after the death of my second husband of 25 years more recently.   I was looking for spirituality and a community of like-minded people with a common interest in social justice with whom to form friendships.

 I love both the variety of instrumental and choral music—the outstanding choir’s regular participation raises my spirits. I find the involvement of those from across generations makes my participation more meaningful and the lively religious education program keeps me connected with the younger generation.

Living alone has made the “second Sunday lunches” very valuable for both the chance to interact with others but also work with some involved in the cleanup—literally allowing me to interact with other members as we get hands dirty.

I have especially enjoyed the Chalice Circle for two years and Women’s Group experience I have had this past year which has led to new friendships and regular sharing of thoughts, ideas and hugs. The congregation was a major source of healing and renewal in face of aggressive attacks on our values since the election. I have found the “speaking from the heart” with sincerity especially compelling.