The Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto has entered into a covenant of shared ministry among its professional ministers and the congregation.

If you have a pastoral emergency, you can reach a minister at 650-494-0541 x25. One of the ministers will respond to your call.  For an appointment to meet with a minister, please call the UUCPA office at 650-494-0541, or contact the minister by e-mail.  There will be several days in the summer when neither Dan nor Amy is easily reachable, and two of their colleagues are covering the pastoral emergency line during those dates: the Rev. Mary Foran, recently retired from the Petaluma congregation, and Ms. Millie Phillips, who recently completed her seminary education. Amy says, “Both are people we would unhesitatingly entrust with concerns of our own, and we know they’ll be warm and helpful to anyone who calls.” That number, again, is 650-494-0541 x25. It will automatically forward to whoever is available.

Community Ministry



Debra Heinz, Jeff Cashdollar, and Jeff’s faithful companion LuLu