Google Group email addresses (formerly mailman lists) are used by group members to share information, work on projects, and so on. Mail sent to the group address is sent to all the members of the group. If you would like a email address that can be used for a group distribution list or just need to provide a contact email address that will forward messages to your personal email address, a Group email address is a good approach. If you are looking for information on Individual email accounts, please see UUCPA Email Addresses.

There are 2 major types of group/lists:

  • Announcement Groups – for distributing announcements either to the whole church or based on a special interest. All messages to this type of group are moderated.
  • Collaborative Groups – for group members to interact with one another. Generally, messages to groups like this are not moderated for group members. While messages can be announcement-style, back and forth email conversations are also common.

Groups are implemented using Google groups on our Google for Non-Profit domain account. The Group Owner(s), the committee chair(s) or designate(s) maintain the list, adding and deleting email addresses for the group. Note: Individual Email Addresses are separate from groups.)

How do I join (subscribe to) a Group?

While you can ask to join any group by sending an email to <group>, the best way to join is to contact the group owner/follow the group registration process according to the group web page:

If you don’t find instructions for the group you’d like to join, please send an email to

How do I withdraw from a Group (unsubscribe)?

Sending an email to <group> from your subscribed email address is the easiest way to withdraw from a group. Another option is to send an email to the group owner to ask them to remove you.

How do I request a Group Address for my group or activity?
  • Send an email to with the following information:
    • Group email address requested (eg.
    • Group description (one or two sentences)
    • Email address(es) of list owner(s)
    • Should emails to the group be moderated? (yes, for all? yes, but only for non-group members?)
    • If emails will be moderated, who can moderate emails?
    • Who can post to the group/list? (anyone? or, group members only?)
    • Who can join the group/list? (anyone can ask? or, must be invited?)
    • Who can approve new members?
    • Should the group be listed in the directory of groups?
How do I contact the owners or managers of a group?
  • Group Owner Email Address: Group owners can be contacted using the following email address format: <group> (example: for the Elder Journey group with group email address, the email address for the group owners is Emails to the Group Owner Email Address go only to the email addresses of users who are designated as owners of the group.
  • Group Manager Email Address: Group managers can be contacted using the following email address format: <group> Emails to the Group Manager Email Address go only to the email addresses of users who are designated as managers of the group.
How do I post a message to a group?

For most groups, sending an email to the group email address will send the message along to the group. For example, sending an email to will post a message to the UUCPA Announce group list. If the group is set up to moderate incoming messages, then the message will be delivered after one of the moderators has a chance to approve it.

Note that individual group members have control over how they receive messages from the group. Some may receive daily digests of messages, while others may receive each individual message immediately after it is posted (and approved).

Some groups allow non-members to post messages and others do not. If you aren’t sure, please contact the group owner.

For help, contact