Join us on Zoom for online services every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time. If you are new to UUCPA, please connect with us to join in (Google form).

Joy Is an Act of Resistance

While there is much to be feared, worried about, and fretted over at all times, creating intentional joy is a way we can make a continued and sustained effort in activism and our pursuits to create the better world we know is possible. This service … read more.

Questions, Questions, Questions

In what has become an annual tradition, Amy takes your questions and answers as many as she can in the time usually allotted to a sermon. The identities of the questioners will be confidential. And she has a question for you, too: “What question would … read more.

When UUCPA worship services are again held in-person, you will be able listen to them anywhere on UUCPA’s campus using an FM radio by tuning your radio to 88.7 MHz.