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Hope and Courage

“The opiate of the theologians” . . . “a threat to Christianity” . . . “a pernicious heresy”: What is this terrifying doctrine? Universalism. We celebrate it this morning in what is, by one reckoning, the 250th anniversary year of its blossoming on this continent. … read more.

Building the Foundation

Over many decades, our congregation has helped countless people to get under a roof (oftentimes ours!) and to find transitional and permanent housing. Frustratingly, housing and homelessness are even more acute problems than ever. AND: no one is better situated than us to figure out … read more.

Reflections of a Ladies Man

Rev. Phebe Ann Coffin Hanaford

Who gets written out of history, and whose stories have been lost to us until they are retold? Rev. Barnaby Feder tells us about two, Rev. Phebe Hanaford and Rev. Elizabeth Padgham, and we’ll even hear directly from them!

Rev. Elizabeth … read more.

When UUCPA worship services are again held in-person, you will be able listen to them anywhere on UUCPA’s campus using an FM radio by tuning your radio to 88.7 MHz.