Unitarian Universalism’s Seven Principles: Is Something Missing? 

Are the seven principles distinctive to Unitarian Universalism, distinguishing us from other faith communities? And are there other principles and values that are also part of the fabric of Unitarian Universalism? Kent Smith has attended UUCPA regularly, along with his wife Marian, since they moved to the area two years ago. They are longtime UUs and congregational leaders. Music: Libby and Anat Kardontchik, piano and violin

America’s Mission Statement

In our UU churches, we increasingly aspire to mission statements that can guide us in all our actions and keep us focused on our ideals. What if we ran our country in the same way? What would America’s mission statement look like? Surprise! — it’s already right under our noses, just waiting to be lifted up in time for this year’s July 4th. Music: Ruth Huber, piano

Your Island of Sanity

The world is big and messy and getting messier all the time. We are pulled in two directions: to engage and make a difference, and to retreat into a safe place. Let’s explore the possibility of integrating these two needs. Music: Veronika Agranov Dafoe, piano

Remembering Ric Masten

Ric Masten passed away ten years ago in May of 2008. A few months before his death Rev. Steve Edington and Ric got out a book they’d collaborated on about Ric’s unique ministry within our UU movement titled “Troubadour and Poet–The Magical Ministry of Ric Masten.” Steve will return to the UUCPA to share his thoughts on the continuing significance of Ric’s ministry for us ten years after his passing.