Fleeing Herod in Our Time

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The Gospel of Matthew says an angel told Joseph to take Mary and Jesus and cross the border into a land where Herod could not find and kill them. Our Worship Associates will tell their families’ own stories of immigration . . . legal and not so legal. Special Music: Kerensa Fu and Dawn Walker, flutes

Who’s Knocking?


Who is that knocking at your door? This is an intergenerational service, all about doors and what we fear is on the other side … what we hope is on the other side … what we would be surprised to find is on the other side. Come to find out today! Music: Four Shillings Short; Celtic, Folk, and World music

Cultivate Don’t Know Mind

We’re smart people living within a knowledge-based economy. So much encourages to acquire knowledge and use it well. It is counter-cultural, maybe even counter-intuitive, to not only accept our ignorance but cultivate our not-knowing. But that is what Buddhist teacher Frank Ostaseski encourages us to do. This is the fifth of the series “Five Invitations.” Music: Brocelïande; Celtic and Early Music Ensemble