If you want to listen to recordings of a Sunday service other than the sermon, please send an email to audio-recordings@uucpa.org and specify the date of the service recording you want.

At The Border

On December 10, dozens of clergy from many faiths risked arrest by approaching the border between California, U.S.A. and Baja California, Mexico. Hundreds more accompanied and supported them, I among them. It was a profound experience, as was the unplanned protest a few of us joined in Tijuana the next day, conveying so much about the meaning of connection across and despite the barriers we create. We formally welcome new members in today’s service. Music: Veronika Agranov Dafoe

Art and Spirituality

Members of the Senior High Youth Group will present their thoughts about the relationship between the arts, especially music, and spirituality. Their thoughts about arts and spirituality will be presented through spoken word, poems, and music. Music: Gwen Halterman, harp

Intergenerational Chalice Service

For our fifth annual Chalice Sunday, we talk about where the chalice comes from in our past, and how we keep the flame burning for the future. Then we will watch our individual small lights become one great blazing altar.
Music: Mary Gospe, vocalist/guitar