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The Language of the Soul

9:30 am: Join via Zoom video: zoom.us/j/533745138
11:00 am: Join via Zoom video: zoom.us/j/933071789
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Order of service: bit.ly/uucpa_oos_20200405

If someone asked you to suggest three symbols that are important to you, what three would you name? They might be visual images, or they might take some other form, such as a melody or an object. Symbols have extraordinary power, and today we’ll use them to create a sacred space in our homes.
Special music: Veronika Agranov-Dafoe, piano

Small Town Love

9:30 am: Join via Zoom video: zoom.us/j/383823157
11:00 am: Join via Zoom video: zoom.us/j/678952632
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What is it like to be in a small town? What happens when you treat your community like your village? What kinds of opportunities, supports, and challenges lie within? How can you find and celebrate the gifts of the people closest to you?
Rev. Leela is based in the Bay Area and very accustomed to leading via video.
Special music from Veronika Agranov-Dafoe, singing led by Bruce Olstad, and at 11, a video appearance by the UUCPA Adult Choir.