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Unapologetic Fatherhood

Summer Schedule Starts Today!  There is only one service at 10:30 am.
Father’s Day gets short shrift. In schools, because end-of-year celebrations are underway; in many UU churches, because it’s their Flower Communion or there are no summer services; even marketers don’t know what to tell you to buy Dad except a tie, and he probably doesn’t like wearing them. And then there’s our discomfort with traditional ideas of fatherhood and masculinity, and our slowness to embrace new ones. All of which means fatherhood is in need of our tender loving care. Whether you’re a dad or not, have one or not, you’ll take something hopeful away from today’s service. Special Music: Broceliande, Celtic music trio

The Impossible Will Take A Little While

The goal of world community, with peace, liberty, and justice for all may seem like an impossible dream. We may think we are naive to even dream it. But are we, really? What does UU theology have to say about this, and how can our theology support our action?
Special Music: Veronika Agranov Dafoe, piano

You, The Religious Educator

Our Children’s Religious Education (RE) year draws to a close, but exploration and expansion of our spiritual selves does not pause in summer. It isn’t carried out just in the classroom, either, or just by our RE teachers. Springboarding from some of their wisdom, we’ll discover how each of us not only can be a religious educator but is already. Music: Mary Gospe, vocalist/guitar