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Life In An Institution (It’s Better Than It Sounds!)

James Luther Adams, whose “Five Smooth Stones” of liberal religion we’ve been exploring, was a great believer in institutions. This is perhaps the greatest challenge to people in our spiritual communities, especially since the iconoclasm of the 60s and the profound (and warranted) mistrust in civic and religious institutions that has marked our age. If Adams was right that we need institutions in order to enact goodness on a grand scale, then how are we to create institutions that we can trust? Music: Brocelïande

Jazz, Improvisation and Spirituality

In this jazz-influenced service, Martin Manley will illustrate for us how music informs and inspires his spiritual life. He will discuss whether music can ever really be considered to be divinely inspired and touch on the paradox that many transcendent musicians are actually deeply flawed human beings. Music: Martin Manley

Grief and Gravity

When loss befalls us, we may wish to float above brutal reality. Our loving community helps us to endure coming back to earth. Today is our annual remembrance service–please bring photos and other mementos for our altar. Special Music: Veronika Agranov Dafoe, piano