Church Organization at UUCPA

The Board of Trustees is the legal representative of the church, and is responsible for finances, and for overseeing the work of the church, including operations, programs, and planning.The Board, in addition to the responsibilities defined for the Officers of the Church, has defined “portfolios” for each member to manage the oversight responsibilities, through facilitation and communication.  The committees named within the portfolios are formed as defined in the bylaws.

Congregational Polity

The authority of the church rests in the congregation, not in a church or denominational hierarchy. Several types of meetings are defined in the Bylaws and by common usage. The Board of Trustees may call a meeting of the Congregation for discussion or decisions on issues of interest. Members of the congregation in good standing vote as required by the Bylaws. The church voluntarily participates in the Unitarian Universalist Association and in the Pacific Central District of Unitarian Universalist Congregations.

Congregational Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

Nothing scheduled at this time.

Types of Meetings

Townhall meetings

Meetings called to discuss an issue or to present information to the congregation. No decisions are made and no vote is taken at a Town Hall Meeting.

Special Congregational Meeting

A decision-making meeting of the Congregation where votes are taken to determine the course of action. Congregational Meetings, with the exception of the Annual Meeting, must be called to do a particular piece of business, and may not introduce additional business into the agenda.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is the main business meeting of the church year. It is a particular type of Congregational Meeting. The agenda includes

  1. Approve the minutes of previous Congregational Meeting(s).
  2. Election of church officers
  3. Church budget approval
  4. Other business proposed by members.

Our bylaws allow members to propose motions from the floor at the annual congregational meeting.  However, it will help the meeting run smoothly if you let the Board President know in advance of any motion you want to propose, so that it can be added to the agenda. It will also help speed discussion of the motion if you provide information to members before the meeting.

Absentee and Proxy Voting

Members who cannot be present for the vote at a congregational meeting may submit an absentee ballot or name a proxy who may cast their vote

Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Report

A report of the activities and status is made annually and distributed at the Annual Meeting. Some parts of the report are required by the Bylaws. Reports from each committee or activity are also requested for inclusion in the report. Annual Reports for every year can be found in the church office.