Welcome to Sunday school programs for children and youth at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto (UUCPA). Religious education for children has been at the heart of UUCPA since the establishment of the congregation in 1947.

In our religious education programs for children and teens, we want to help young people become sensitive, moral, and joyful people, people who have intellectual integrity and spiritual insight. We have no interest in forcing dogmas or beliefs on children; instead, we want children to reach for the highest human values. We seek a fun and expansive approach to religious education, focusing on connecting with each other through experience and play.

At UUCPA, we have four big goals for children and youth:
(1) Have fun and feel they are part of a community;
(2) Gain the basic religious literacy expected in our society;
(3) Learn the skills associated with liberal religion, skills such as public speaking, group singing, basic leadership, how to work together, in-ward reflection, and so on;
(4) Prepare them to become Unitarian Universalist adults, should they choose to do so when they are old enough to make their own reasoned decision.

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In the spirit of connecting with the best part of ourselves, we hope you will encourage the young people in your life to participate regularly in the religious community at UUCPA. Come grow with us!

— Children and Youth Religious Education Committee

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[revised 3/16/2024]