When you are ready, we encourage you to become a member of UUCPA. We ask our members to be active, attending programs of interest, to volunteer, sharing your talents and gifts, and to contribute financial support.

Benefits of membership

Membership gives you leverage: the more members we have, the more influence we can have as a liberal religious body in our own community and in the world. Membership allows you to vote, and to serve on the Board of Trustees and in certain leadership positions.

Before Joining

  • Attend our Discovering UUCPA class (optional).  We will answer your questions about what it means to be a member, and we will find out more about you and your spiritual journey, too.
  • Meet with our ministers to introduce yourself and to clarify any concerns.
  • Contact the Membership & Growth Committee or Church Office to have your questions answered or to have someone call you.
  • Complete the Volunteer/Talent Survey. It will help you find the volunteer task or position that fits you most comfortably.

How to Join

Complete the Request for Membership card. You’ll find this in the office or at the Welcome Table on Sunday. At the next board meeting, the Board will affirm your request and you will be a member of UUCPA. You are encouraged to complete a Pledge card at this time, making a financial commitment to the church.

Declaration of Membership

Information on Pledging at UUCPA

Making other gifts

Let’s Celebrate

We formally welcome new members three times a year during Sunday Worship Service. The Membership Development Committee will contact you about the next service.

Your financial contribution

Members and friends of UUCPA make an annual financial pledge to UUCPA, paid all at once or throughout the year. We encourage members to pledge 3-5% of their income.  UUCPA appreciates your gift of any amount.  Other gifts and bequests are also welcomed.  The members of the Finance Committee will be happy to talk to you about how to contribute to the financial support of this congregation.