When you are ready, we encourage you to become a member of UUCPA. We ask our members to be active, attending programs of interest, to volunteer, sharing your talents and gifts, and to contribute financial support.

Benefits of membership

Membership gives you leverage: the more members we have, the more influence we can have as a liberal religious body in our own community and in the world. Membership allows you to shape the future of the congregation through your vote, and if you wish, through leadership positions such as Worship Associate or Trustee. And most important, you have a deeper sense of belonging to the community that strengthens your own being and values.

Before Joining

How to Join

Fill out a Declaration of Membership form online;

Or pick up a membership packet and complete the Declaration of Membership form. You can pick these up and drop them off in the office or at the Welcome Table on Sunday;

Or you can download the Declaration of Membership (PDF) and mail or submit the signed form digitally through the church office.

At the next board meeting, the Board will affirm your request and you will become a member of UUCPA.

You are also encouraged to complete a Pledge at this time, making a financial commitment to the church. Learn more at:

Last but not least, it’s very much encouraged for you to participate in a small group or volunteer opportunity. The vast majority of us have made our lasting friendships that way. Amy, Cat, and the members of the Membership and Growth Committee are all happy to hear about your interests and help you find a good fit–and they’ll really enjoy getting to know you, too.

Let’s Celebrate!

We formally welcome new members two or three times a year during the Sunday service. Amy will let you know when the next opportunity will be. (If you absolutely hate being “on stage,” be reassured that this ceremony is optional.)