Email lists for Action Groups at UUCPA.  These email lists help us share information and opportunities for action.  Some groups meet in person. Anti-slavery action group Clean Money Campaign Reform the criminal-justice system Take action on issues related to education Communicate and take action relevant to voting rights Green Sanctuary Committee Improve communication with people who hold different views Take action on issues related to healthcare, national and local Immigrant and Refugee Action People working towards nuclear disarmament Peace and Justice Announcements Peace and Justice Discussion People interested in influencing our elected representatives People who want to work on reproductive rights Welcoming Congregation supporters of LGBTQ rights.


To add yourself to one of these lists, go to the website, click on the “our church” tab at the top and then on the “email lists” item on the left margin.  You will then see a list of all UUCPA email lists.  Click on the name of the list you want and then follow instructions.  In many cases, you will have to wait for the list owner to add you as a member.  You will get an email when that happens.

Once you are a member, you may want to look at the list archives to see what messages have already been sent to the list.   You can see the archives by following a link you’ll find on the page where you signed up for the list.