Come Celebrate with Us for The 75th Anniversary Campaign Success!

Wow, have you put a lot into the Church’s 75th Anniversary Campaign, over a long period, with thoughtfulness, dedication and generosity! Tomorrow(Sunday, May 14), Second Sunday Lunch will celebrate what you’ve delivered, on the unusually colorful outdoor patio, with balloons and a special dessert, at Edie’s Team’s delightful luncheon. Join us in cheering all you’ve accomplished – who thought we could raise over $2,313,000 to fund the Foundation for the Church of the future – continuing the impressive, value-laden path we’ve honed over 75 years – looking forward to those next 75 for ourselves, our progeny and theirs, and all our new members and visitors who have been building back our numbers after the difficult effects of the pandemic.

Here’s to joying in having us all there together, relishing the company of this wonderful community ~ what a treat on a glorious day!!

See you then (Sunday, May 14), with bells on,

Amy, Autri, Barbara, Beth, Brian, Brooke, Buzz, Cat, David, Elsa, Esa, Gloria, Grace, Jack, Jeff, Jeralyn, John, Judy, Kay, Karen, Kevin, Kris, Kristi, Lisa, Maribea, Richard, Sean and Sven